What Ab0ut Your Business are You Passionate About?

I mean real passion. What big picture idea keeps you going for which you get out of bed every morning?

I’ve attended many business networking functions where small business owners and solopreneurs are required to state their passion and the statements being made are not convincing. Clearly these people are NOT passionate about their businesses.

Is this one reason why so many businesses fail? Lack of passion? Lack of willingness to persevere through the difficult times?

If there is something you really care about, that you really want to do, put some effort into figuring out how to make a business out of it.

Why a business? Because things are not financially sustainable wind down and stop. To keep doing whatever it is you want to do, you MUST be profitable, one way or another.

Please allow me to use myself as an example.

The Passion Behind Inbound Marketing University

There is a narrative in American culture that anyone who works hard can succeed financially. Unfortunately that narrative is not as true as we like to believe. Being well connected is a much greater predictor of financial success than working hard.

This is one reason why big businesses are putting small businesses out of business at alarming rates. I call this “The Big Box Phenomenon”.

It’s happened with Groceries, Hardware Stories, Coffee, and now it’s even happening with doctors. 10 years ago 80 percent of doctors were in private practice. Today 80 percent work for big box medical conglomerates.

Inbound Marketing University works to provide effective and inexpensive marketing tools to small businesses who otherwise could not afford them.

Inbound Marketing University wants to slow down the big box phenomenon, and if possible, help stop it.

Inbound Marketing Helps Level the Playing Field

The Internet has disrupted many industries. This occurs when something that used to be expensive becomes cheap. The music industry was completely changed when the cost of distributing a single song dropped to near zero.

The Internet disruption in marketing is called Inbound Marketing. It’s marketing as journalism. Perhaps it’s fair to say it’s Native Advertising in a publication that is a website and is clearly and blatantly commercial. This website is one such publication.

What makes this possible is two things:

1) The dynamics or mechanics of how search engines rank webpages (note they really rank webpages, not websites).

2) The fact that publishing via a website is now really cheap and really easy.

Now, anyone willing to put in the effort can gather their audience to their website and convert website visitors into prospects.

What’s the Big “Why” in Your Business?

If you don’t know, I suggest you do some serious soul searching and figure it out. If you don’t have a big “why” your business may be so resilient to bumps in the road, which are bound to happen.

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