Integrating Inbound Marketing and Public Relations to Benefit Both

Is Journalism the New Marketing and Public Relations?

Marketing and public relations have traditionally been separate functions within most businesses.

Marketing has been focused on brand awareness and lead generations, while Public Relations has been focused on putting forth a good face of the company to the public.

The Premise

More and more of us are going online to find everything, including advise, products, and services.

As reported in Retail Today, the second annual Major Purchase Shopper Study  by GE Capital Retail Bank’s shows that 81% of consumers go online to do research as the first step in making a major purchase.

Interrupt overwhelm is a real thing, and we are developing coping strategies, the first of which is avoidance.

An IBM Research study shows that our primary strategy for dealing with interruptions is to avoid them.

Most web server traffic comes from organic search.

A study by BrightEdge of the analytics of “billions of pieces” of content, shows that 51% of web server traffic arrives from organic search.

In summary, advertising, marketing, and public relations are industries the Internet is disrupting, just like all the others.

What we Can Infer

The effectiveness of advertisements that interrupt us is being supplanted by the effectiveness of making it easy for your desired audience to find you when they need you.

What I can personally tell you, based on my personal observation, is that Inbound Marketing, done well, is incredibly effective.

Please refer to some of the success stories on this website.

When you review the success stories listed above, it’s easy to see why.

What This Mean for Marketing and Public Relations

If your business is small and those are not separate functions, it means nothing for obvious reasons.

However, when your business is large to very large, combining those functions into one will benefit both.

Public Relations will learn how to be found, and Inbound Marketing will obtain a new source of content.

What it Means to Integrate Inbound Marketing and PR

What both disciplines have in common is both (to whatever degree) activities in Journalism.

Both functions should report to the same line manager. Someone at the Director and maybe the VP level, depending on the size of the company.

The team should have a strong newsroom process focus. Stuff gets published on time, so it better be ready on time, and it better be right.

SEO is not a separate function, but required for every piece of published content. SEO becomes training that everyone learns and implements. At most, in additional to education SEO becomes an audit function.

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