How PR and Inbound Marketing go Together

PR and Inbound Marketing go together like peanut butter and jelly, raw fish and rice, rice and beans, potatoes and buttermilk, you get the idea. It should become a basic staple.

The prime focus of Inbound Marketing is to attract your audience to your website and to convert some of those visitors into leads.

The prime focus of Public Relations is to put forth a positive image of the company.

They both:

  • Involve publishing, sometimes in a variety of formats (text, images, video, etc).
  • Have at their heart, the art of story telling.
  • Have the intention of communicating to your audience, which consists of more than just customers and prospects (from the perspective of Inbound Marketing those “others” might be considered possible future prospects and customers).
  • When done properly they resemble journalism.

How PR Helps Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing requires a steady steam of interesting and relevant content. PR generates content. When most of the PR generated content is published to the company website and is properly formatted for good SEO, both functions achieve their goals and the company’s Inbound Marketing efforts are enhanced.

How Inbound Marketing Helps Journalism

Once the search engines decide your website is authoritative, your web pages start showing up in SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages) and your desired audience starts showing up through the mechanics of organic search.

There is no better way for those publications and documents you want seen by people interested in your products and services to see them.

We live in an age of ever increasing interruptions and we’re all learning to tune out things aren’t essential. When we go online to search for something, we are by definition looking for the most relevant information that matches what we’ve searched for. We’re looking for information we consider to be essential at that time.

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