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Increasing Local SEO with Hidden Content Opportunities to Attract Website Visitors

Hidden Content Opportunities

This article is inspired by an article I read on which is titled…

Finding Hidden Content Opportunities For Your Local Website

They fortunately narrow in on the main point, but unfortunately never name it directly.

What they call Hidden Content Opportunities is things that don’t seem obvious to you at first.

To solve this conundrum, you need merely shift your thinking.

Inbound Marketing is Journalism

I have this conversation a lot. It occurred most recently a few hours ago. A nice gentlemen from England asked me about Inbound Marketing and when I told him how often you need to publish (every 6 to 12 hours) he asked how anyone maintains that.

To make my point I asked him if there are any magazines he regularly reads. It turns out he’s a beer aficionado and he reads a magazine that is all about beer.

My question to him was “How do the people at the magazine know what to write about?”.

He got it.

Marketing with your website via organic search requires publishing  a lot, and when you approach that as Journalism with a marketing intention, your perspective changes. You understand that gathering an audience is a matter of publishing articles that are USEFUL and relevant to them.

When you do this in a way that gets the attention of the search engine bots (a big part of which is frequency and consistency), the search engines start to bring your desired crowd via organic search.

Want your crowd to show up? Think and publish, like a journalist.

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