Attracting visitors through organic search with zero keyword research

Increase Website Traffic and Leads through Organic Search via Blogging

The Core Activity of Inbound Marketing is Blogging

As described in a prior blog post titled Solid Inbound Marketing Campaign to Increase Web Traffic and Leads, every successful Inbound Marketing efforts includes the same activities into which you invest your time, money, and effort.

However, the single most important activity, while almost always mentioned, is not given enough emphasis.

Everyone says you must blog, and blog you must, but……..

THE core activity of attracting your audience to your website is:

Generating and publishing a large quantity of useful and informative articles, in fairly small easily digestible chunks, where each post is properly formatted for good SEO, which are published at frequent intervals (multiple times each day), and that this activity continues indefinitely.

Basically, the core activity of Inbound Marketing is blogging.

Consider the recent BrightEdge study showing that only 5% of website visitors arrive via social media sites, whereas 51% arrive via organic search.

Blogging is Beyond Important

Saying that blogging is important to successful Inbound Marketing is like saying that water is important to life. Blogging is not just important, it’s critical. It’s THE core activity. It is what gets the attention of the search engines and brings you your audience.

Without a structured and regular program of fresh and interesting content, your website will not come to the attention of the search engines, or doing so will take years instead of months.

Because Modern Marketing is Journalism

And this statement is true whether you’re describing what is called Native Advertising or Inbound Marketing.

Do you want to fill your sales funnel with a steady steam of high quality leads? Think like a journalist.

SEO Needs Link Building


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