How to measure the success of your content marketing strategy

How to identify the success or failure of your content marketing

When done properly, content marketing can be an amazing strategy for your small business in a way that it gives out positive REALLY results.

For small business owners, content marketing is the perfect marketing strategy because it is incredibly effective (but it takes time) and it can be done in a way that is super low cost.

While concentrating on content marketing, you also need to measure your content marketing performance and on this post I try to give examples on how to identify if your content marketing is a success to your small business or not.

  • Number of visitors to your website. On this, use Google Analytics to know the total number of visitors you attract to your website, what sources of traffic bring them, and what content on your site is most popular.
  • Call to action downloads: On every content you publish add a call to action button persuading visitors to download something. Make sure you track the number of downloads that originate from each content call to action button. Take note of what content attracted more visitors and use it to make future plans.
  • Social media shares: Take note of social shares each piece of content receives. Use content that has been shared more on social media as a scale.
  • Inbound links earned: Impressive content is linked to by other websites. Content with many links shows that you are giving out what people want.
  • Leads generation: Track leads from every piece of content you provide on your website. This will help you determine what you need to post regularly to generate more leads.

Content marketing if used correctly will transform your business.

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