What is Content Saturation?

Content saturation is when someone effectively “owns” Internet search for a specific term or set of terms and you have no hope of ever over taking them.

You want to out perform Starbucks for the word “coffee”? Good luck with that.

That content niche is saturated.

So what’s a small business to do?

Find your niche!

  • Niche products and services
  • Niche content formats

Niche products and services

Maybe coffee is not a good example. Maybe your business sells bicycle accessories.

Finding an under served niche takes research, but for the sake of this article let us pretend you’ve done the research and determined that in this day of increasing “noise pollution” in our cities, standard bicycle bells don’t stand out. Can you make and sell electronic bicycle bells that make really loud, obvious, and maybe even obnoxious noises? Even better, can it charge from the motion of the wheels going around?

If your business is a cloud computer storage system, can yours be HIPPA compliant?

Niche formats for content

Let’s pretend that a competitor of yours dominates your industry niche and does so with a large quantity of fairly low quality blog posts. They dominate because they’ve posted so much and have done so for a long time.

What niche format might beat them?

An interactive quiz? A discussion forum?

If your target audience has long commutes (for example: home owners), do short podcasts make sense?


While finding under served niches takes research (time and energy), finding and servicing one (or three, or five) can be incredibly lucrative.

Ask everyone in your business to think about this, and feed you ideas as they go about their work. Examine and test these ideas as best you can, and when you find one that works for you, go for it.

In Closing (pun intended)

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