Publishing is Publishing, Right?

On one level, the economics of publishing is similar independent of what form your publishing takes. A newspaper? A magazine? A TV station? A radio station? A website!

sometimes (actually often) when talking to people about Content Marketing I explain how modern marketing looks like Journalism and the reason large enterprise companies are struggling with this is the same reason small Main Street businesses are struggling with this.

Content marketing looks like journalism, and people who have done marketing for years do not immediately recognize content marketing as marketing.

That statement is fundamentally correct and I stand by it.

However, my habit of lumping all publishing formats together is not right, even though I did it at the start of this post.

Having said that, a recent post by Taylor Radey of PR 20/20 helped set me straight. The post is titled “Work Smarter, Not Harder: Creating a Strategic Content Plan“.

In this article she encourages Content Marketing people to function more like a magazine and less like a newspaper.

While she gives a few reasons, one hits the nail right on the head.

It [operating like a newspaper] focuses on what is newest, not on what is most strategic.

While at first glance this may seem like a minor superficial difference, it’s not.

This is a pretty big failing, and not just in content marketing.

When we constantly focus on what is urgent, above what is important, nothing important gets done. We don’t make progress.

Want better content marketing? Be more strategic in your publishing activities. Like a magazine.

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