About Us

KevinCarneyMy name is Kevin Carney.

I learned the  effectiveness of Inbound Marketing is 2011 when I dug in to learn the strategy and tactics from a variety of experts.

I saw it transform some small businesses with it's ability to generate a steady flow of high quality leads, but most small businesses were being left behind as they simply could not afford the cost of quality SEO agencies (and unfortunately the bad ones are a dime a dozen).

I decided to bring the power of Inbound Marketing to small businesses by selling curriculum and coaching to allow them to do this without the cost of an expensive SEO agency.

It didn't go so well because while these people are careful with their money, they're also over scheduled. Some of the small businesses put in enough effort to reap the benefits, but most did not.

So we are now shifting our focus from selling curriculum and coaching to selling software tools, supported by curriculum and coaching.

The Organic Growth toolset is in development. It will make learning Inbound Marketing and the day to day activities of doing Inbound Marketing easier.

While our primary market will be SEO agencies and people providing SEO and Inbound Marketing efforts for others, there is no reason small businesses can't do this themselves and I hope more and more realize how doing it in house delivers results while saving thousands per month.

Stay tuned.

Not that it's a truly significant accomplishment as I work up one Sunday morning and decided to take their test,  I am Inbound Marketing certified by Hubspot.