What is content marketing? what are the various types of content?

What is the meaning of content marketing to businesses?

I guess you are probably doing or willing to do content marketing.

But are you spending much of your time and resource creating much content that is boring to your readers? May be YES but that is not what content marketing is for small businesses.

Content marketing is not just about articles. Creating more content in your businesses means that you focus on various types of content.

Creating more content means using the following.


Text it is one of the most popular ways of communication. Many people use text to communicate because it is easy to produce and distribute.

Content in form of text can be transferred from one format to another and generally it doesn’t require much specification like other forms of content.


Images in an article has the power to change the attitude of the reader toward the idea passed.

With additional muscles from text, images have the ability to complete the task of passing out the idea.

Content that has a relevant image gets more views that content without one.

Therefore if you want to communicate to your buyers in a more effective way then using an image is the best way.


Video is one of the content type with the best ROI.

Videos production can be expensive to small businesses with a limited resources but they are very powerful.

Show your customers how friendly your business is and how great your previous customers were with videos.

Videos are more convincing than a thousand words.

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