Creating videos for your small business is creating relationship with your target audience and spreading information about your product or service

Tips on creating video for your small business to spread information

The use of videos in small business marketing has become a more and more popular strategy.  It is believed that immediately after viewing a company’s video consumers are far more likely to visit the company website.

Additionally, some people prefer to learn things (in general) through video rather than through reading.

Creating videos for your small business is creating relationship with your target audience and spreading information about your product or service.

Considering video marketing for your small business can be easy. This post will major on how to create a nice video for your small business.

Creating your Video

When creating a video for your small business, it is NOT necessary to use a good quality camera. While a decent camera that captures clear images helps, some of the most successful video marketing efforts have been done with low quality cameras.

This reinforces the importance of the content being more important than the packaging of that content.

Keep the video short.  Make a one to three minute video for your small business. Customers may get bored with long videos and they may simply get tired watching and go somewhere else.

It helps to think of these videos as video blog posts. Short, to the point, and answers one question or makes one point.

Additionally, it is important to provide customers with a call to action.  Remember the ultimate goal of your video marketing is to find customers, so also mention how you can be located by including your address, phone number etc.

Always remember that your first video should simply be an introduction to your business and to you.

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