What are the importance of videos in search engine optimization?

How to use videos to pursue your SEO and social marketing

In online marketing for small businesses, online videos has become an integral element.

Streaming video was observed as entertainment for many people but today, video is taken as an advertising platform for businesses because of its wide and fast broadcast.

Many people believe that videos are important for your SEO and Social Media Strategy and yes it is. Actually with the implementation of new search updates, online videos are now more important than ever.

The following are some of the great advantages of videos for small businesses.

Boost Click through Rates and Decrease Bounce Rates

SEO optimized videos boost search engine rankings.

By optimizing your videos for search engines, you also boost your website credibility with major search engines.

Videos contributes to search engine optimization campaign by increasing click through rate rates and decreasing bounce rate.

People will stay on your site to watch videos and this will increase your click through rate.

Improves audience interactivity.

With videos, you are able to express your idea in a short period of time.

Many people don’t like to read however, if you change your text into a short video in series, you will reach wide audience.

Video leads to mass amounts of Inbound Links.

When your videos starts to be spread across the internet, you will receive a lot of inbound links from all over.

Search engines will observe your inbound links and boost your SERPs which leads to more traffic.

Video is very important to anyone concentrating on search engine optimization and social media marketing.

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