Video marketing idea for small businesses

How to make sure that your video does what you need it to do

There is a big difference between video marketing and video advertisement. Video marketing is the use of online videos as an information tool on your business website

Not long ago, video marketing for small business wasn’t really an option. It was too expensive. But today, YouTube and videos are a great opportunity for small businesses. Mostly because they’re much cheaper than they were even a few years ago.

Many people who create videos say that they don’t convert. However, they haven’t taken the time to know what is and is not working with their video strategy.

So what is video marketing?

How can you make sure that your video does what you need it to do? 

Here are some tips.

Proper planning

Online video marketing is now an inexpensive strategy for small businesses that target local area customers and/or specific customers.

Planning is a matter of knowing what story you want to tell, devising a concise way to tell that story, then creating a video. To increase the odds of your video being shared, humor helps.

If your budget is really limited, try short “talking head” videos where a video of 1 to 2 minutes is used to answer one question and/or make one main point. You can find people on fiverr to make animated whiteboard videos after you write the script and provide the voice track for them to sync to.

As your business grows and you have more budget, it does pay to produce higher quality videos, but starting cheap is MUCH better than not starting.

Know your brand

Depending on your business size, you may need to get professional help when it comes to creating videos. The more professional your business is, the more professional your videos need to be. If you’re a law office or a CPA service low production videos probably won’t do. If you’re a pet store or a massage studio, there is nothing wrong with low production videos. Especially when it’s what your budget can afford.

Video length

Keep most of videos as short as possible. Keeping your videos more than 2 minutes will reduce your audience interest in watching.

This is especially important for “top of the funnel” videos who purpose is to help attract viewers and generate leads.

However as people progress through your sales funnel, there is a place for longer videos. For those viewers there is no ideal length per se. The ideal length is whatever it takes to impart the information in a meaningful way.

Having said that people are now watching video content on their cell phones and are more likely to watch shorter videos. As a general rule, every video that is not gated content should be less than two minutes long.

As with all forms of marketing, what works best is consistency and persistence.

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