How well does online Video marketing for small businesses convert?

How to increase your conversion rate using product video

Visitors who watch your video stay on your business website twice as long those who read blog posts.

You’ ve heard a picture is worth a thousand words. A video is worth more.

Considering that video now appears in many search engines, and YouTube is the second most used search engine on the planet, and people often buy after watching a good explainer video, video marketing for your small business is no longer a luxury. It’s becoming a necessity.

These days, small businesses are turning the online marketing strategy of video marketing into a communications platform with their prospects and customers.

Doesn’t it cost a lot?

It can, but it doesn’t have to. There are 3 main types of videos:

  1. Talking head: You can shoot video with a laptop webcam or smart phone. You can then edit it with free software (Microsoft Movie Maker for example). Just be sure to have the camera at eye level and ensure you’re well lit.
  2. Screencast: This is a video view of your screen with a voice over. This too can be done with free software such as CamStudio to make the video and Handbrake to convert the video file to MP4.
  3. Animation: Very few people can do animation videos on their own, but this can be remarkably inexpensive. Watch the video on our home page. It cost a total of $15.75 in cash outlay.

Product video for conversion.

The great thing about videos for small businesses is that many potential customers prefer watching over reading. Including “how to” videos on your business website and social media account helps grab the attention of these people.

Increasing how-to tutorials about your product or service increases your potential customers reach.

Unique uses of Video marketing

Remember that to increase conversions using videos is more than just posting videos on your product on your website. You must provide value and you must ask for the business.

Take advantages of personalization that video offers.  We tend to buy from people we know, like, and trust. Even though people who watch video of you haven’t necessarily met you, video helps us feel like we have.

An interesting and sometimes effective tactic is to ask questions of your viewers and ask them to submit the questions to the comments on YouTube on on the blog post into which you’ve embedded the video.

Take the following actions in implementing video marketing in your small business.

  • Shoot your videos with proper lighting and setup.
  • Think education, not promotion.
  • Think of videos as you think of blogging and generating fresh content regularily.

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