The two major ways of using video as your marketing tool

Appropriate ways of using your video Marketing for your small business

Are you planning to use video with your small business marketing?

Good choice.

When you start thinking about video marketing for your small business, you may image the need of a big budget depending of the features and service you want with video marketing.

This may include thinking of how to get a High definition camera and so on.

As Inbound marketing experts, we advise you that you should not get scared with the big budget because your video marketing DOES NOT REQUIRE A BIG BUDGET and due to YouTube being the second most used search engine (after Google) low budget but good videos are being found.

Discussed below are the two major ways of using video as your marketing tool

Create an explainer video for your target customers

An explainer video is one that explains that problem your prospects have, and how you solve it.

By creating an explainer video, you provide an answer to the question how you help your customers. By creating an explainer video, you also provide general information about your business and how they contact you.

Generally, an explainer video gives an overview to the customers of what you have for them and who you are.

Create a video that explains your Product or Service

We all know that seeing is believing and video helps target customers put themselves in a clear view of your product or service. If your small business is selling a service, it is important to create testimonial videos of previous customers who appreciated your service.

For examples of low budget testimonial videos, follow the link below…

The Value of Community and Coaching to the Success of Small Biz Online Marketing

If your business is offering a product, create a videos to shows how people use the product, and also consider creating a video that shows the end results to those people of using the product. What some call “the benefit of the benefit”.

This will help convince the customer that your product or service serves their needs.

Learn more here..

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