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Why Blogging on Your Website Under Your Domain is Online Marketing Insurance

Facebook Made a Recent Change that Hurt Business Page Views

On April 21st, 2015, Facebook announced changes to their algorithm that determines what is presented in your news feed.

In summary, Facebook is emphasizing news and updates from close friends more.

To make these extra Facebook updates fit into the news stream, updates on Facebook pages (including your business page) now has a lower priority.

If you’ve spent the past few years collecting Likes on your business page with the expectation that more and more people are seeing your updates, Facebook just changed the rules so that’s no longer true.

They didn’t do it because they’re bad people. Quite the opposite. They made this change in response to user demand.

LinkedIn is Making Changes to LinkedIn Groups

Perhaps you’ve created a LinkedIn group and spent the last few years building it into a vibrant community.

Then LinkedIn made changes to LinkedIn groups.

The single most complained about feature (by LinkedIn Group Organizers) is the Group statistics are gone.

I myself have never managed a LinkedIn group, so I don’t fully understand the significance of this, but the word is it’s not good for group organizers.

When You Don’t Own the Website, You Don’t Make the Rules

If you’re going to spend months or years building a following, should it not be on your website?

The argument I’ve heard for creating Facebook business pages and/or LinkedIn groups is that they’re large sites with hundreds of millions of users and building the following is easier.

However what value does that have when the rules change overnight and render the months and/or years you’ve spent building your following much less effective.

Would your time and effort perhaps been better spent by creating a community on your website under your domain?

With forum or social networking plugins for WordPress, it’s easy to do, especially because when you host it on your website, it’s can be closely integrated with your blog.

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