Step by step process of creating your business video

Outstanding ways of creating a training video for your small business

Creating a training video for your small business allows you to provide self- governed instruction to your customers about how your products or service helps them solve a problem they’re having.

You can record a live demonstration or prepare a complete plan for developing a training package for distribution on the Internet.

Steps to follow when creating your video include…

Carry out an extensive analysis

Before you begin your video creation, determine what issues your audience wants to solve, and how your product or service helps. Generate a list of video training topics from what you believe you can offer best and what your competitor’s offers. Define the tasks related with each video topic.

Design your video

To design an effective training video for your small business, determine the specific objective of each video first. These objectives should be specific, measurable, attainable etc, as well as achievable in a short video. After that, create a storyboard of your design.

Develop your video

At this stage, create a list based on all the information you have gathered. Evaluate and come up with what you should create for your audience. You should also create any graphics to complement your video. The script includes the words you are going to speak on your video and as well as action directives.

A Word About Scripts

Believe it or not scripts can sometimes get in the way. You’ll need to experiment with what works best for you. Some people work great with scripts they memorize. Some use teleprompter software that runs on a laptop sitting under the camera. Others do best with one or two bullet point ideas in mind and then start talking to the imagined person on the other end of the camera.

Record you video

Record your video using a video camera or smart phone and save it. If your video is about how to use a certain product, record step by step usage of your product to benefit your customers. Always remember to practice the steps before you make your final footage to avoid blunders and also it will help you to make easy editions. In addition, you can test your audience concentration on your video by asking a question.

Publish your video

The last step when creating a training video for your small business is to publish your video. But publishing you video is not necessarily enough, you need to upload your training video to where your customers can access your video easily (for example YouTube) AND create a blog post on your website that contains a link to the video along with a copy of the transcript.

If you need help creating transcripts, check out They charge $1 per minute of video and we’ve been very happy with their results.

Use the information that you get as comments to evaluate the usefulness of your video and to assist you in finding new topics for future videos.

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