Having the right people, tools and processes to carry out the planned activities to support the strategy is necessary for your business to achieve its objectives and set goals

Framework to ensure your small business marketing plan stay in line

The purpose of your small business marketing  strategy includes: 1) laying out how your business will achieve its business goals, and 2) providing a framework to ensure that activities stay in line with the vision and mission of your company.

When starting the process of developing a marketing strategy always consider the following critical issues. Positioning, objectives, strategy, and execution

Positioning is establishing the market space your product or service will occupy and the benefits it will bring to the market. To contribute successfully to the marketing strategy, take time to know what your target customers need and define the uniqueness of your product or service.

After identifying the product or service that you will offer to the market and space defined, outlining the company objective is the next step and it requires cautious thought.

Now, it is time to think about how the company will achieve its objectives. Strategy is an evolution.

However, taking your time to think through possible marketing strategic directions will undoubtedly aid in the creation of your marketing plan. Any strategy chosen to achieve your objective affects the necessary tactics available to perform the strategy.

Execution of course is 90% of the work. Having the right people, tools and processes to carry out activities to support the strategy is necessary for your business to achieve its objectives.

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