There are 3 main concerns for an SEO optimized website I.e. links, content and structure.

Search Engine Optimization: how to attract visitors to your website

Search Engine Optimization is the practice of getting traffic from the organic or natural search results on search engines.

Search engines help people find websites that relate to the words and phrases they type into the search engines. Websites that have fully utilized SEO appear higher in the search results.

What are the components of good SEO that will help your website appear at the top?

There are 3 main concerns for an SEO optimized website. They include links, content and structure.


As search engines will group your website with credible sources, you are likely to gain more traffic by linking your website to these credible sources. Links from your content to the content of others appears as citations to the search engines.


If you want more traffic on your website, you must concentrate on keyword-rich and useful content. A keyword is basically what people type into the search engine to find your site. However too much of a good thing is very bad. Do not keyword stuff your articles. Write for people, with the knowledge the the search engine robot must find your stuff interesting in order for people to see it.

Search engines give a lot of interest to titles, because they usually summarize the content on the page. It is important that you consider your headlines with a lot of care. They need to be eye catching to readers, but also utilize keywords that are more appealing to search engines.


A website should be well structured and organized. Search engines may run using complex algorithms, but they aren’t smart. They’re robots that do only what they’re programmed to do. It is important to structure your website in a way that it can be understood.

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