Major ways of attracting websites visitors. Update your website regularly

Heightening your website’s location in search engine rankings (SEO)

The most successful strategies to attract new visitors to your website rotate around heightening your website’s location in search engine rankings. This strategy is known as search engine optimization (SEO,)

Some of the major ways of attracting customers to your website includes the following SEO strategies.

Content writing and publishing

Make sure the articles you publish on your website offers valuable information to visitors in search of answers. Explain solutions in ways that provide answers to their inquiries to position yourself as the best source to solve their problems.

Update your website regularly

Just as customers search your retail store for the latest that you have, the search engines prefer websites that have new, recently added and fresh content. The key here is build your website using an easy to update CMS (Content Management System) that permits you to update your site often and easy. In fact, use WordPress. It’s the most SEO friendly platform available, and the WordPress software is free.

Maintain a blog on your website

This isn’t the easy part but to position yourself as an expert in your field, blog daily. Put your thoughts succinctly in articles on appropriate topics that will invite new visitors and clients.

Build links

You can use your blog to link to your website. You should also incorporate links in email newsletters to subscribers and on your social media feeds. Since websites that are busier tend to rank higher, bringing referral traffic to your website via emails and social media updates will over time increase your SEO ranking.

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