Elements of on-page search engine optimization.

3 elements of on-page search engine optimization for small businesses

On-page search engine optimization can be defined as those factors that have an effect on your Web site in natural search results. On-page search engine optimization include Meta description and keyword phrases as discussed below.

Elements of on-page search engine optimization

Page Title

This is one of (if not) the most important on-page Search Engine Optimization element. Producing effective page title includes, adding keywords to the title, using words only once each, and ensuring the title is “long enough” and doesn’t leave unused space where more search friendly words would have fit.

Always remember to make your title readable for your target audience and that each page should have its own page title. This will improve reaching your target with the use of keywords

Meta Description

The Meta description gives a short description of the page below the result the search engine. The meta description is written entirely for the person, not for the search engine. The purpose of the meta description is to say “pick me” from among the various options on the search engine result page (SERP).

A well-phrased Meta description attracts audience consideration.

Use of image

Images on your website can demonstrate ideas you want to put across and provide a pictorial image of your small business. People come to your website via image searches and the degree to which they do varies from type of business to type of business, but I’ve never seen this be below 10% of total searches.

Remember that

Because search engine do not read images, make sure you associate appropriate text with your image. If you add ALT-text to your image, you make it possible for the search engines to index the image because search engines only reads texts.

Add in keywords in the image name to attract visitors to your website from image seek out. Point to remember: Separate keywords with a dash “-” rather than an underscore “_”.

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