How to choose the right marketing automation for your business

Think that marketing automation was not the right choice? Is this why?

Does your marketing automation system feel like a waste of time and money

If you’re not getting the benefits of marketing automation, you are wasting time and money. Do you know why marketing automation commonly fails?

In this article, we provide reasons why some businesses do not get the return on the marketing automation investment.

High maintenance

Marketing automation software can feel high maintenance. If you’re is, you’re probably thinking of it as a cost, not an investment.

Contrary to what the sales people of marketing automation systems tell you, they do not run themselves. Someone has to define how it should work, make it work that way, monitor it for performance, and perform what seems like an endless series of A/B tests whose purpose is to continuously provide incremental improvements once the system is up and running.

There is more to a marketing automation platform than “just” building emails and landing pages.

On the other hand, once it’s up and running, you will see significant inefficiencies in how your marketing people quality leads and how your sales people spend their time, and which prospects they spend it with.

If you’re looking at the direct cost of running a marketing automation system it can look expensive.

When you’re looking that cost/benefit of your entire marketing and sales operations, it becomes so cheap you can’t afford not to do it.

Language Barriers

If your marketing automation platform requires a programming language it will be more difficult and costly to run that one you configure with a drag and drop interface.

If your system is old and archaic in this way, you should seriously consider switching to a new platform that is easier to setup and tune.

Regular breakdown

If you feel like it is difficult to use your marketing automation system and you’re constantly calling tech support, you’ve got an older archaic system. Again, consider switching to a new platform whose use and adjustments are easier.

In closing,

If your marketing automation platform is causing you unnecessary stress in any of the above ways, start researching other platforms with the intention to replace yours.

Marketing automation software tools are incredibly sophisticated these days. There is no excuse for your system to be hard to setup, hard to configure, and hard to do the constant A/B testing that is needed to continuously tune your system.

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