link building for website traffic growth

The Importance of the New Link Building to Attract and Grow Website Traffic

Different Experts Give Different Link Building Advise

A fairly recent article on MOZ contains good insights as to what does and does not provide benefits relative to your link building efforts.

The title of the post is simply Link Building, and it provides access to various articles and various thoughts from leading experts about what is and is not effectively link building these days, and the article summarizes all the conflicting views very nicely.

Please read the entire article by clicking the link above.

In summary…..

  1. You know links to your site are important.
  2. You know if you do it right you’ll be rewarded.
  3. You know if you do it wrong you’ll be punished.

If you follow the trade press as I do, you’re probably confused as to who has the best information.

I would like to suggest we all take the words of Matt Cutts to hear (he’s the guy in the image) when he says…

The objective is not to make your look appear natural, the objective is for your links to be natural.

So what’s an effective strategy for building links?

  1. Write stuff you think is good.
  2. Invite people to share it.

Share actually means “link to”, but you knew that.

If they agree that what you’ve written is good, they will be happy to share it. If nobody wants to share your stuff, it’s probably not good enough.

In closing I wish to quote the last two sentences of the article that inspired this blog post.

Think about links for traffic, not for search rankings. Find an audience you want to reach, not a keyword you want to manipulate.

I believe that what Steve Masters is saying is an effective way of doing what Matt Cutts is saying.

Steve… Well said.

And now for my sales pitch?

I will help you learn how to do Inbound Marketing. Contact us after reviewing our success stories.

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