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The Biggest SEO Benefit of Blogging: Generating Leads through Inbound Marketing

Daily Publishing: Both Blessing and Curse

What was once called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is no longer sufficient for your website to show up on page 1 of search results. SEO is the technical aspects of making your website and the specific individual web pages on your site easy for the search engines to find and to crawl.

There was a day (several years ago) when simply ensuring the SEO technical parameters were properly specified was sufficient. Now the Internet is so crowded simply ensuring these technical settings are right is not sufficient.

Now you have to become what is called a Brand Publisher, which is to say you need to publish content that is both useful and interesting to your desired audience, and you need to do so often. Preferably more than once a day.

The Blessing

The blessing of the need to publish daily is you can do it easily and cheaply. A URL will cost you around $15 a year, WordPress hosting will run $55 a year to $25 a month (new sites need the cheap one, sites with a lot of traffic need the more expensive option), and maybe a few premium plugins will run you $200 in total (one time).

The “barriers to entry” are so low you can easily afford it.

The Curse

The curse is that so many people are publishing crap for the sake of publishing. It’s a trap that we can all fall into very easily. You need to publish every day. What are you going to say?

Below I link to a post that provides a good overview of the SEO benefits of blogging.

The 5 Biggest SEO Benefits of Blogging

Nothing in it is wrong, or misguided, or inappropriate. It’s just that it’s the thousandth time I’ve seen an article very similar to it. It does not add to the conversation in any significant way.

That’s the hard part. Adding something relevant to the discussion that hasn’t already been said many times over.

Am I Being Too Harsh on This Topic?

I admit I am. I too have published articles that restate what hundreds have said before me. We all do. Journalists have the same issue. Everyone is chasing the same stories. Everyone is saying what everyone else is saying.

This same things happens with Inbound Marketing.

When you publish stories and articles daily you become a journalist of sorts. You’re constantly looking for stories that provide value to your audience and you can’t say the same thing over and over every day.

Providing a fresh perspective can be done, but maybe not every day. Yet you still have to publish.

However, Publishing Alone is Not Enough

One of the most interesting dynamics of being found online is being found helps you be found more.

The single most important search signal is which websites link to your website.

Being linked to is an important way of being found.

Content Marketing for your business is done best within a community of small businesses who help each other be found by initially finding each other.

What this specifically means is:

  • You will link to each others websites.
  • You will comment upon each others blog posts.
  • You will share each others blog posts via social media, most specifically Google Plus.

This helps “prime the pump” and get things started.

Learn More…

Download the eBook: The 7 Fundamentals of Being Found Online


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