Small business online marketing priorities are: 1) Your website, 2) Your blog, 3) Email, 4) Social media Google indexes, 5) Social media Google doesn't, and 6) Marketing automation

Small Business Online Marketing Priorities: Blog? Email? Social Media?

So Many Online Marketing Choices…

As a small business owners you do not have an infinite amount of time, money, or energy to devote to online marketing.

Yet it seems there is an infinite amount of choices in how you spend that time, money, and energy.

So you need to prioritize where you spend your online marketing time, money, and energy.

I’ve met small business owners who pay to boost Facebook posts because “At least it’s something”, but this is terrible long term strategy.

For the record, I am a strong proponent of cheap solutions. For that reason this post will not talk about Pay per Click advertising, even though there is nothing fundamentally wrong with paying for online advertising. It just doesn’t fit my criteria for “cheap”.

Priority #1: A WordPress Website with a Blog

You’ll spend $15 per year for a domain name, and when your site is new and has very little traffic you’ll pay $55 per year for hosting.

From that point on you can do it yourself. In the early days your site will be receiving very few visitors, so it’s not critical that it be the most beautiful and functional site on the Internet.

It can’t be ugly, but creating a nice looking site in WordPress is not a huge effort, even when using a a default theme.

You can buy nice looking landing page templates from Instapage for $14 to $18 each as needed and create a nice looking site for very little cash.

Why WordPress? Because once you configure the site right (which includes some plugins) WordPress takes care of 80% to 90% of your technical SEO needs without you even having to know the details of what they are. No HTML coding is necessary.

Why a blog? Because you’re going to be sharing the content you publish (to your website) so you’ve got to write blog articles, make short videos, and generate content your desired audience will find useful.

Priority #2: Email Marketing

You want to start capturing email addresses right away. To do so you’ll need something to give out in exchange. A useful eBook or a video will do the trick.

You sign up for one of the many free or cheap email marketing services (Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, Mad Mimi, etc) slap an email capture form on your site in one or two places, and away you go.

You initially start with a weekly email newsletter (which is free for a small number of contacts) and eventually graduate to the use of an autoresponder and ultimately to what is called Marketing Automation, but that’s later.

Priority #3: Social Media Sites Google Indexes

When you emphasize social media sites where Google indexes the updates you first send your updates to your followers, and you also have a chance to be found by people who are searching for things but don’t know you or your business.

The social media sites that I know do this are: Google+, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn long posts.

Priority #4: Other Social Media

Just because a social media site is a “closed ecosystem” (which means Google doesn’t index the updates) doesn’t mean it’s bad. It just means those updates will only ever be seen by your followers. However if you build up a good following, what’s the harm in that?

Priority #5: Marketing Automation

When you have people stopping by and downloading your eBook or watching your video a few times a week, you implement what is called Marketing Automation which is a system of nurturing leads with email messages where the messages are high personalized as to where they are in their decision process.

Rather than go into detail in this post, please read the post linked to below. Marketing automation is the 3rd form of email marketing…

The 3 Forms of Email Marketing: Newsletter, DRIP Campaign, and Marketing Automation

To Learn More…

Download the eBook: The 7 Fundamentals of Being Found Online


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