growing your web traffic through link networks

Link Networks: Growing Website Traffic via SPAM Techniques and Tricks

Growing Website Traffic through Link Networks

The focus of this post is not link networks, per se, but web spam.

Why Backlinks Matter

Google’s major contribution to web search was the realization (and implementation) that what mattered most (in 1996) in generating quality search results was using links between websites as the main factor in ranking web pages within a SERP (search engine result page).

The algorithm that documents their method is named Page Rank and it is probably the single most lucrative algorithm in the history of history. The patent that protects the algorithm is owned by Standford and licensed exclusively to Google.

This link based ranking system is so central to how Google sequences search results that before Google was called Google, it was called Back Rub.

For those of you who can understand the math, here is a PageRank tutorial by Ian Rogers of Princeton University.

How People (Websites) Acquire Backlinks

Here is where we’ve stepped onto the slippery slope.

What happens is some activity that is done “well” at one time is (over time) mutated into a sleazy practice later.

This post is not actually about acquiring back links in general. Other posts on this site discuss that topic. This post is specifically about what are called Link Networks.

Link Networks

There unfortunately is not universal agreement on what a link network is. I’ve seen definitions that range from:

A number of websites that link to each other.


A commercial service where links are provided in exchange for payment.

Clearly the first is an over generalization as that definition applies to the entire Internet. The second is much more in the spirit of web spam.

This post is continued……


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