Link Building for Increasing Visibility and Growing Your Web Traffic

Successful Link Building

If there is such a thing as successful link building, there must also be such a thing as unsuccessful link building.

As such, just to clear the air, let me start by listing things you should NOT do:

  • Don’t buy links.
  • Don’t participate in any form of automated link network.
  • Don’t consider directory submissions to be sources of links.

The things you SHOULD do

The things you do for successful link building is the same stuff you do in business off line.

Provide Good Stuff

In business, provide good products and services. In Inbound Marketing provide good content. If your content is not link worthy, why would anyone link to it?

Get Out There and Meet People

We call this networking.

We all do it face to face, but now we also (almost all) do it online.

Face to face is still better as you have a greater impact on people when you know them personally, but the cyberspace version should not be neglected.

Let me tell you what I do:

Offline Networking

I attend events where my target audience congregates. One of my target audiences is early stage unfunded startups, and there are lots of events and activities for these people in my area.

Online Networking

  • Join relevant LinkedIn groups and participate in some discussions. Avoid groups where other service providers like you congregate. Look for groups where your target audience congregates.
  • As I scan the trade press (which I do daily) when I find something I very strongly agree with, send the author an email and say so. Everyone likes positive feedback.  Then keep these contacts in a database and periodically reach out to them to say hello.

Never Forget to Ask

If you feel your relationship with someone is sufficiently developed, ask for a link. The worst thing that can happen is they’ll say no.

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