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Landing Page Designs to Increase Website Conversion and Sales Funnel Leads

Conversions and Landing Page Design

There is no end of advise on how effective landing pages increase website conversion.

Yes the visual construction on the page, the colors, the layout, etc, etc do have measurable effects on conversion (at least per numerous experts who’ve run tests), there is an additional technique (maybe series of techniques) that adds as much oomph to your landing page as the graphics do.

This post focuses on this topic.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen this topic discussed in regards to a landing page.

What Sales Script Techniques Are You Using?

Sales script techniques?

What is a sales script technique?

I may not be using the term “script” quite the way it’s used in TV, the Movies, and the Theater, but I know a sales trainer who uses scripting techniques to improve your dialog and your outcomes.

Perhaps I can answer the question best through the use of a few examples:


This where the differences between two choices are stated. This is a technique where people sometimes provide a high priced option and a low priced option. I have this available to me.

When you need leads through Inbound Marketing you can either shell out $2,500 a month for someone to do it for your, or you can shell out $47 a month and someone on your team can put in the needed sweat equity.

Story Telling

When telling stories, describe no only the benefit, but the benefit of the benefit. If someone used your product or service to increase their business and they made money, the benefit may be that they made money.

The benefit of the benefit could be something bigger and more tangible. Perhaps the person became a homeowner, was able to afford infertility treatments then had twins, kept a village of kids in a remote tropical village in school for a year, or brought jobs and prosperity to homeless people in Detroit (this one is The Empowerment Plan).

The benefit of the benefit is generally more impactful than the benefit and more impactful ideas stay with us better.

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