Where your website visitors live can open up business opportunities for you. But first you've got to know.

Internet Marketing Strategy | Your Website Visitors Live Where?

This post is part of a series about the Internet marketing strategy I call Inbound Marketing. It also is part of a sub-series about website monitoring, measuring, and adjusting. To access either of the lead post please click one of the links in the prior sentences.

Why should you care where you website visitors live? What countries and cities they are visiting your website from?

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Why should you care where your website visitors live?

If you provide a local service (home improvement, dog walking, hair styling, etc) you want to focus your inbound marketing efforts on the areas where you provide service. If you’re going “off track” you need to know. If for some reason you discover you getting a lot of visitors from some other city (Dallas, TX for example) maybe where you’re ready to expand, that is where you need to expand to.

If you provide a local service that can be provided remotely (tutoring for example) and you discover a specific geographic location is very interested in your website, maybe you define a “remote” offering and promote it via Inbound Marketing to that geography.

How can you know where your website visitors live?

Google Analytics.

More specifically Audience -> Geo -> Location


Google Analytics: Audience -> Geo -> Location

Google Analytics: Audience -> Geo -> Location

Then click on the name of a country to see further detail. In this example: USA…



Audience -> Geo -> Location


Then click on the name of the next level down to see further detail. In this example: California…


Audience -> Geo -> Location

Audience -> Geo -> Location


You can drill down further still, but you’ve gleaned enough actionable information by now.


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