Internal links between the various posts on your website helps create an SEO friendly and high ranking site.

Internet Marketing Strategy | Search Benefits of Internal Links

This post is part of a series about the Internet marketing strategy I call Inbound Marketing, and is part of a sub-series on how to ensure every blog post is of high quality from an SEO perspective. To access either of the lead posts, please click one of the links in the prior sentence.

Internal links between the various posts on your website greatly increase the search ranking of your site. helps you generate quality leads for your business through your website.

It’s not just the case that internal linking makes your site more user friendly and easier for a reader to go from post to post, it’s that the internal link structure you build (over time) raises your search ranking. It seems the search engines like sites that reference other parts of themselves.

It’s very important to note what an internal link is and what an internal link is not. It’s quite common for some business to have a main site that not WordPress for whatever reason. They then “bolt on” a WordPress blog for purposes of Inbound Marketing.

Main site:

Blog (Inbound Marketing) site:

  1. A link from a post on to a webpage on any other website in any other domain ( for example) is clearly an external link.
  2. A link from a post on to a webpage on IS NOT an internal link, having said that it’s not really an external link either.
  3. A link from a post on to another post on is an internal link.

For internal links, you want 3 above, where a post on your blog (Inbound Marketing) website links to a different post on the same blog website. Anything else is NOT an internal link.

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