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Internet Marketing Strategy Preparation | What is Keyword Analysis?

This post is part of a series about the Internet marketing strategy I call Inbound Marketing, and is also part of a sub-series about the preparation that goes into a successful Inbound Marketing effort. To access those articles, click either of the links in the prior sentence.

What is Keyword Analysis?

Metaphorically speaking, keyword analysis is the search for low hanging fruit. helps you generate quality leads for your business through your website.

The various phrases we enter into search engines have some very important attributes:

  • They have a certain search volume within the country in which you live (Google calls this “local”).
  • They have a certain search volume on the entire Internet (Google calls this “global”).
  • They have a certain commercial value (commerce is or is not transacted and to various levels).
  • Some number of other website rank for those terms.
  • Those other websites have various “levels” or “strength” of ranking.

Keyword analysis is the process of finding the low hanging fruit, by which I mean keyword phrases that:

  • Are relevant to your business goals (which presumably is to sell something)
  • Have a sufficiently high search volume
  • Have a sufficiently high level of commercial activity
  • Have a sufficiently low level of competition

Sufficiently is a somewhat subjective term and has the Internet gets more and more crowded there is less and less low hanging fruit, but it’s out there.

With the right tools (I’m a fan of Market Samurai) keyword analysis does not take very long, and the insights provided can help you rank high weeks and even months earlier.

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