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Inexpensive Small Business Marketing to Generate Leads and Sales

Cheap and Effective Tools for Marketing Your Small Business

Need to market your small business on a shoe string budget? It can be done.

Let me share with you some of what has worked for me.

Content Marketing

This is not an immediate return, but Content Marketing (or Inbound Marketing as I like to call it) works so well it almost defines statistics. I’ve seen this (0ver several months) transform businesses.

The basic idea is you publish content to your website that is of interest and (most importantly) useful to your desired audience. You do this every day. You publish articles and stories for people, and you format them for search engines. You then overlay your marketing intention (your sales funnel) onto this through well placed calls to action.

The key concept here is USEFUL. How to articles, instructional videos, and tools (mortgage calculators for example) are especially useful.

Content Marketing works.

You need a domain name that costs maybe $15 a year.

You need WordPress hosting that costs between $55 a year and $300 a year (busier sites need more expensive plans).

You need to know how to do it (you can join my community for $47 a month).

Engage on LinkedIn

Believe it or not, LinkedIn groups are like massive business networking events, where everybody is selling and very few people actually listen to others. Believe it or not this is a good thing. I decided I was going to participate in a very large small business group and I was going to submit on update every day and comment on three others.

Within 3 weeks I was THE top contributor to this group. In only 3 weeks.

I believe that’s because most people never comment on other people’s posts.

Why is it important to be a top contributor (let alone THE top contributor). Because per LinkedIn, updates from top contributors are seen by more people than updates from others.

I’m using my LinkedIn networking to invite people to an upcoming webinar, and it’s working. I’m averaging two new registrants every day.

Cost: Free

Influencer Marketing

Although I think Influencer Marketing is a dumb term, the idea is valid (and I don’t have a better term). If you find people who are in a position to help you, help them first.

A specific example is a new Coworking location opened up near my home (South Austin), where there is a lack of coworking facilities. I have a sense of how much work is involved before getting ready, so I showed up at 5 pm the evening before the grand opening and asked if they needed help. I then spent the night assembling the class room desks and other furniture.

Now we’re friends for life. The owner told me she needs someone to teach WordPress to small business owners, and while that’s not my focus, I can certainly do it.

So I’m going to teach WordPress to small business owners, which will generate some revenue, and it will (we expect) funnel people into both our businesses.

Once some see’s how nice the coworking place is we expect some to become members.

Once these small business owners have websites, we expect some to join Inbound Marketing University, because after all, what good is a website if people don’t find it.

In terms of influencer marketing, think of who your best prospects are, then ask yourself where do they congregate. Then find a way to be helpful to people who spend a lot of time at the congregation point.

If You’re Interested in Content Marketing…

Contact me. I know it. I teach it. I’ll teach you.

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