How to increase your chances of conversion with lead nurturing tips

How to increase your conversion with lead nurturing tips

New leads never convert into a sale and many small business marketer are doing nothing about this.

You must have heard about lead nurturing. So how do you get your lead nurturing process in the right way?

If you’re having trouble getting the right balance for your lead nurturing efforts, you can use these dos and don’ts to get on the right track.

Let’s start with the DO

Segment your leads.

Depending on the product or service that you provide, breakdown your leads segments in terms of geographical location, job tittle, and company size.

In lead segmentation, personalization is the key and therefore try as much as possible to target your list with the right message to higher conversions.

To better personalize your lead, include more detailed segmentations for example past purchases and some specific activity on your website.

Follow up with your lead immediately

Customers looking for your product and/or service need to more about them and they probably want information right away not next week. For effective and timely follow up, consider using automatic responders.

Create more touch point.

To succeed with leads nurturing, you must be a good relationship builder with your leads. By understanding your clients’ needs and providing value to them you strengthen your relationship.

Getting in touch with your customers is not just about email. Have some few touch points with your customers to establish trust with them.

The Don’ts

Don’t use one marketing trick.

A successful leads nurturing strategy depends on great content but that doesn’t mean that you send the same email every time as that will be spamming. Vary the type on marketing trick you use to provide value to your leads.

Don’t forget to align your sales and marketing people.

Make sure your sales and marketing people are working together.

With a sales and marketing alignment, your nurturing strategy be much stronger.

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