What is the importance of aligning your sales and marketing people when coming up with your lead process

How to design a lead process with sales and marketing alignment

A lead process for small businesses helps in tracking the flow of leads from the point they are generated to the point at which they are passed to sale.

Sales and marketing alignment for small businesses is very important and when the two sides don’t provide enough support to the other then they cannot work together to solve their customers problem.

When designing a collaborative and a transparent lead process consider the following.

Define your leads process steps

Break your customer journey into sequences of steps from the time when your lead is generated.

Remember that each step should have a clear definition and what action a lead must take to move to the next step.

Assign responsibilities

Your marketing and sales people must decide on who is responsible for what step in your customers journey.

The following are ways on how your sales and marketing teams come together to create a successful customers journey.

Define all the steps.

Create a simple lead process and each step should be carefully defined and given a specific name. The parameters of all your steps that a certain lead must qualify should be an agreement of both your sales and marketing people.


Every step in your lead process must have a specific owner.

Integrate your lead process into your marketing automation.

Use your marketing automation tools to keep your leads more engaged with your business. One of the beauties of marketing automation tools is that it manages an end to end process from the 1st step to moving to sales

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