How do you use your marketing automation for lead nurturing

How to best leverage marketing automation for lead nurturing

With marketing automation, you are able to keep track of your leads as they are moving down your sales funnel.

If you are already using marketing automation in your small business then you are ready for lead nurturing process.

Marketing automation got everything you need to help you identify your warm leads that give your sales people an opportunity to follow them.

The following are some of the tips on how to use marketing automation for lead nurturing

Get the best tempo for your email follow ups.

Marketing automation is the back born of communication in lead nurturing. With marketing automation, you are able to set up a campaign that those prospects that engage with your emails are added to a campaign that will be easy to follow them up.

To those who do not like frequent emails, marketing automation give you the opportunity to decrease the frequency of your follow up emails without letting them drop them.

This will help you keep up with your warm leads and maintain them in active status.

This last type of campaign is for re-engagement, and it aims to warm up those cooled off leads and get them back to an active status again.

Let your leads choose their own path.

With the use of marketing automation, let your leads choose their own path to your sales funnel. There is no problem letting them choose their own because marketing automation gives you the opportunity to track their behaviors.

Internal nurturing.

Make your sales people know what is new in the market. This helps your sales people stay informed all the time and your marketing people to create new and updated content.

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