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Grow Traffic with Real Time Marketing (aka News Jacking), John Oliver is Partly Right

What is News Jacking?

When we want to appear to be more professional, we call it Real Time Marketing. It refers to the practice of incorporating currently trending timely news articles into your marketing activities. It is generally associated with social media networking sites such as twitter, but the idea also works for organic search marketing (i.e.: Inbound Marketing) as well.

In the spirit of full disclosure, this blog post is such an attempt. Yesterday Chris Kerns of Social Media Marketing published a response to a recent John Oliver clip, and although Chris makes some good points, at the end of his post he seems to be ignoring the main point.

First, watch the video clip below, then read the Chris Kerns post by clicking the link in the prior sentence.

What’s Most Important to Know About News Jacking?

Be Relevant or Be Quiet

John Oliver over generalizes. He shows a few examples of very poorly done Real Time Marketing with Twitter where he equates it to someone entering a conversion at a cocktail party and making comments totally out of sync with what the group was discussing.

News jacking can be done effectively, when the comments made are relevant (I personally feel my comments in this blog post ARE relevant, but I may be biased).

If what you have to say is NOT relevant, it would be best to say nothing.

Add to the Conversion

This is not quite the same thing as being relevant. One can be relevant by merely parroting what someone else said without adding to the conversion.

If there is a lesson to be learned, if there is a moral of some sort in the story, or if an important point was glossed over, it it entirely appropriate to comment on the story in order to point out the important stuff others didn’t.

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