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Google Replaces Keyword Phrases with Semantic Search: Use it to Increase Web Traffic

The Switch to Semantic Search

Up until whichever Google update includes semantic search (and I know by rudimentary testing it’s not yet fully implemented), people looking to increase their website rankings would be careful to include the desired (targeted) keyword phrases a sufficient number of times per post (two to three times per 100 words).

This switch to semantic search is changing that, and for the better.

What is Semantic Search?

Semantic search is search with meaning, semantics being the study of meaning.

The best example of semantic search I can provide is when on Star Trek they talk to the computer, ask a series of questions, and each one refines the search.

I’ll use a non Star Trek example to illustrate this point.

Query #1: List estate planning attorneys on the San Francisco peninsula.

SERP contains a gazillion possibilities.

Query #2: List the ones located in Redwood City

SERP contains far fewer possibilities.

The second query only makes sense relative to the first one. The words “the ones” refer to the prior list of estate planning attorneys.

Understand we’re not yet that far along, but we are moving in that direction.

Why is This Good?

In the past we got the attention of the search engine by sometimes writing grammatically incorrect sentences to ensure the sentences in question contained the exact phrase we were targeting. We then hoped the human reader would either not notice or not mind.

Now and going forward into the future, the way we write for search engines and the way we write for humans are almost (not 100%, but almost) identical.

This is good because it eliminates one more trick we all used and requires us to focus on generating and publishing useful and interesting articles, and that is what search should be about anyway.

Want to Learn More?

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