inbound marketing strategy vs implementation

Doing Your Inbound Marketing Plan to Increase Web Traffic is Better Than Having One

Inbound Marketing Strategy vs Implementation

Strategy is important. Definitely.

You should also update your strategy periodically.

However that is not where many businesses fail.

The magic of successful Inbound Marketing is in the doing.

The magic of Inbound Marketing is in the day to day activity of finding stories, writing, scheduling, and publishing.

It is in it becoming a daily activity pursued with focus, consistency, and perseverance.

The Keys to Success


  • Quantity (publish a lot)
  • Quality (two ways: to a person, formatted properly for SEO)
  • Size (most posts are short, 1 in 10, maybe 1 in 10 is long)
  • Titles (the importance of this can not be overstated).
  • Consistency (publish at regular intervals)
  • Links (we all help each other here)
  • Longevity (keep going)

Obviously when you’re a very small business and all this is 1/3 or 1/2 of one person’s job responsibilities, this is a small and focused effort.

For larger businesses it could be a small team.

None the less, the mechanics are the same. Understand that Inbound Marketing is journalism, satisfy the criteria listed above and your desired crowd will show up at your website.

Why Some Companies Don’t Get it Done

This is independent of a large business or a small business, the concept is the same.

When you don’t make it a sufficient priority, it doesn’t happen.

Although the most significant difference between large businesses and small businesses is the publishing volume (large businesses need to publish more), the idea is the same.

For a small business someone needs to devote 7 – 10 hours per week to the effort to ensure all the needed tasks get done. If that slips, it doesn’t work.

For a larger business this means Inbound Marketing is in the budget so people can be hired and tools can be bought.

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