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Does Lead Generation through Content Marketing Suffer from a Confidence Problem?

Is There a Content Marketing Confidence Gap?

Apparently only 42% of content marketers feel they are effective at content marketing.

Good. Let them feel that way.

Just don’t let that affect your commitment.

There are four main success factors to effective content marketing:

  1. Quantity: Publish a lot.
  2. Quality: Publish good stuff (from both a human and an SEO perspective).
  3. Consistency: Publish often.
  4. Longevity: Keep going.

If others are losing confidence, hopefully they’ll stop publishing. Hopefully their longevity will be short lived. That will give us a better chance to outrank them.

Is 42% Really Low?

On the other hand, Content Marketing is a fairly new industry. In view of that I suggest 42% is not a low number. I don’t have access to this study, but I wonder if when radio was only 10 to 15 years old how many businesses felt their radio advertising was effective. I don’t know where to get this number, but I suspect that by today’s standards we would consider it to be low.

Remember the Turtle Won the Race!

It’s the person who stays the course who wins the race. That is as true in content marketing as it is in the fairy tale.

When you want to win the content marketing race, you start and you keep going. When the others get discouraged and quit, you keep going.

Let them lose confidence. When they drop out, you keep going.

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