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How Content Marketing Digital Disruption is Affecting Search Resultss

A leading content marketing website recently published an article titled “Digital Disruption is Affecting Search Marketing: Are You Ready?“.

The article describes searching QR codes via smart phone apps, Flipboard (a customized magazine type display for tablets) and Uber (a smart phone app to coordinate ride shares) as “disruptive”.

I find myself wonder if this is marketing fluff (thuthiness if you will) or is there some substance to it?

There is no question search engine marketing is truly disruptive. The last publishing innovation that had this big an impact on civilization was the telegraph (which if you didn’t know is when we invented headlines and leading paragraphs).

But the specific examples provided seem to be important improvements in search engine marketing, but still forms of search engine marketing.

Are they truly disruptive, in the way the rail road put the pony express out of business, or how refrigerators killed the entire ice business?

Or are they incremental improvements similar to very reliable and fairly fuel efficient modern cars vs cars from the 1970’s?

Then again, does it really matter?

The most important thing about search engine marketing for your business is to GET STARTED!!!!

If there is a detailed nuanced way that works for you, great!

If the tried and true blogging for business is what you “fall back on”, great!

To borrow a phrase from Nike, “Just do it!”.

You need to because your competitors are.

 For help getting started with Content Marketing to generate leads for your business, contact us.

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