Business blogging is a structure methodological systematized way of attracting your audience to your website.

Business Blogging Essentials to Attract Your Crowd for Busy Entrepreneurs

Bearing in mind that the goal is not to publish blog posts per se, but rather to use business blogging as the core of your Inbound Marketing efforts, this article discusses how you prioritize your time and effort. As a busy entrepreneur there are limits to how much time and effort you have, so using them wisely is important.

My first comment is what is written below sounds like a lot, which is why it’s important to break it down into manageable steps and prioritize what comes first, second, third, etc.

Priority 1: Your Blog on Your Website under Your Domain Name

First and foremost, the cornerstone or the hub of your Inbound Marketing efforts is your blog on your website under your URL.

When you publish anywhere else you’re doing two things:

  • Create SEO benefits for a website you don’t own.
  • Building an audience on a website where the rules can change at any time.

Blog Post Titles

Relative to your blog on your website under your domain name, the single most valuable real estate on your blog is your blog post titles and your SEO secondary titles (sometimes called the meta description title).

You want longer fuller blog post titles that contain as many search friendly words as possible (words people are likely to enter into a search query) without using any word twice.

Sometimes that is not possible, but that is the goal.

Blog Post Promotion (aka Link Building)

The second most important aspect of your blog is promoting your content in order to obtain links to your website and your individual web pages. More about that later.

Priority 2: Capture Email Addresses

Get an email service (MailChimp, Constant Contact, Mad Mimi, Aweber, etc), create an email capture form and start capturing email addresses on your website.

You want a popup (check out SumoMe – it works great) for people to sign up for your newsletter, and you want to capture email addresses in exchange for “gated” content which is videos, eBooks, etc for which people are willing to provide their email address in exchange for having access to.

Priority 3: Email Marketing

You’ll start (like almost everyone else) with an email newsletter, which is where everyone gets the same email at the same time.

I’ve read the best days for email marketing are Tuesdays and Sundays. Mine go out on Tuesdays.

Priority 4: Social Media Content Promotion

The goal here is to promote your best content in hopes of attracting links, comments, and social shares. Links provide the greatest SEO value, comments are next in line, and social shares expose your content to more people who hopefully will like it enough to link to it, comment upon it, and/or share it with their social media connections.

Social Media Google Indexes

There are two forms of social media. Ones where Google indexes the updates and one where Google does not. As you’re no doubt guessed, Google does index Google+ updates.

The other ones I know of for sure are Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn long posts.

This is important because social media updates that are indexed by Google smetimes show up in the result pages for search queries whereas social media updates that are not indexed by Google never do.

Other Social Media

Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

Priority 5: Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is email marketing on steroids. Not only do people receive different email at different times, they receive different email depending upon whether they did or did not take the action recommended in the last one.

I’m just now embarking on implementing Mautic for marketing automation for my site. I’ll let you know how it goes.


It’s important to not waste time, energy, and money, which is where proper prioritization comes in.

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