The future of small business SEO and Inbound Marketing is DIY.

A Primer in Small Business Online Marketing: Growing Website Traffic and Generating Leads

Small Business SEO IS Different from Big Business SEO

Why is it that online marketing for small business is different? Cost

Big businesses can throw big bucks at it and hire a team of specialists.

Small businesses can’t. This is what makes small business SEO different.

The problem is effective SEO is expensive. The $300 to $500 a month stuff just isn’t effective.

To understand this it helps to understand the various parts to effective online marketing.

Your Business Blog

Your business blog is the single most important piece of online marketing your business can do. You use it to publish stories and articles you believe will be interesting and useful to the people you wish to attract to your website.

It is however important to update your website often. Daily is good. More than once a day is better.

What makes this possible is “useful” does not mean long. You can provide useful information in a few paragraphs by answering one question and or making one important point.

Not only is how often you publish fresh content to your blog important (and by this I mean to the search engines), but how consistently you do so matters too. If you have 50 questions to answer, don’t publish all 50 in one day. Publish them at 12 hour intervals over the course of 25 days.


People conduct all kinds of studies about what online activities do and do not attract customers. The two tools that work best are blogging to attract your desired audience, and email to stay in touch.

Social Media

You don’t share every blog post on social media, but by all means share the ones you’re really proud of. The key is to do this on a regular basis. To establish a schedule and to meet that schedule.

All That Takes Time and Effort

And if you’re a big business you hire a team of 2 to 5 people to perform those tasks on behalf of the business. If you’re a small business all that has to be a part time job for 1 person.

So how do you do it?

In terms of blogging and email, you learn it well enough to get it down to one hour a day. It’s not hard and you CAN do this.

When you’re writing about stuff you know well, this is an easy target.

In terms of social media sharing, you form or join a community of people committed to helping each other out.

Together you create a “rising tide” effect, where members of the community help each other. The specific help you (and everyone else) needs is below.

People need to:

  • Link to your blog posts.
  • Comment upon your blog posts.
  • Share your blog posts on social media.

This can’t be faked, but when you join a business blogging community made up of professionals working to improve their online presence, you’ll find stuff that is good and worthy of sharing in those ways.

It’s Surprising How Inexpensive Small Business Online Marketing Can Be

$10 a year for a domain name

$55 a year for WordPress hosting

Maybe $200 for a professional WordPress theme

$47 a month for access to the needed knowledge and the community (Inbound Marketing University)

And you’ve got what you need to get started.

Learn More…

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