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What exactly is a landing page?

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I’m Kevin Carney, principal Instructor of Inbound Marketing University, bringing you today’s Inbound Marketing Minute.

Today’s question is…. What exactly are landing pages, and how do they work?

Landing pages are sometimes called lead capture pages, and their purpose is to capture specific information from a website visitor to allow you to follow up with them.

In general, landing pages very clean and uncluttered and provide very few options on what the website visitor can do.

Ideally there are two options: complete the desired action, or leave the page.

Examples of landing pages are pages intended to capture….. to capture email addresses by asking people to sign up for an email newsletter.

Or to capture an email address in exchange for an eBook.

Or to capture an email address in exchange for registering for a webinar.

Or possibly to sell something. That’s also a legitimate use of landing pages.

However, I’ll do another video on a concept called a Squeeze Page. Squeeze pages are typically specifically for influencing a sale, and they’re quite a bit different from landing pages.

Anyway that’s for another video, so…

In summary, landing pages encourage the website visitor to take a specific action and in the course of taking that action to leave information with which you can follow up with them.

Landing pages tend to be very clean and uncluttered.

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