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Module 1 Lesson 1: Introduction to Inbound Marketing

This lesson provides an overview of the concepts of Inbound Marketing with a focus on:

  • What is Inbound marketing?
  • How Inbound marketing differs outbound marketing
  • Why you should care about Inbound Marketing
  • Doing Inbound Marketing yourself vs hiring an SEO agency
  • Why organic search traffic is better than all other forms of traffic
  • What are search signals?
  • Why Inbound Marketing looks like journalism
  • What is a sales funnel?
  • What are the success factors for Inbound Marketing?

Module 1 Lesson 2: Structure of Inbound Marketing Academy

This lesson discusses the course structure of Inbound Marketing University, and cover:

  • Needed preparation before starting Inbound Marketing
  • Attracting your audience to your Website through content and publishing
  • How Inbound Marketing is journalism with a marketing overlay
  • How to manage remote writers (if desired)
  • What are off page SEO factors
  • An overview of website conversion
  • An overview of Agile Marketing and why Inbound is incredible agile
  • Basics of WordPress security

Module 2a Lesson 1: Marketing Analysis Preparation

  • The four really important questions business owners neglect to ask
    • Why are you in business?
    • What do you sell?
    • Who do you sell to?
    • How do they decide to buy?
  • Defining your sales funnel
  • Defining your primary message
  • About the importance (or not) of keyword phrases
  • Localisation (if appropriate)
  • Identifying sources of good material for writers
  • Identifying requirements for external link
  • Creating your branding statement
  • Understanding how to implement calls to action
  • Understanding pillar posts (sometimes called cornerstone or anchor posts)
    • And the importance of a strong internal link structure
  • Finding the narrative tone for your business

Module 2b Lesson 1: Preparing Your WordPress System

  • Selecting your domain name and finding a hosting provider
  • Important WordPress setting that affect SEO
  • Important WordPress plugins you need for effective SEO

Module 2b Lesson 2: Preparing Your WordPress System

  • Registering your site with Google Search Console (aka Webmaster Tools)
  • Submitting your sitemap.xml file to Google Search Console
  • Sharing your Google Search Console with others

Module 3 Lesson 1: The Golden Thread

This has to do with what your website is about. Your website needs to either: 1) Be about a fairly narrow set of topics, or 2) Be enormous . Topics covered are:

  • Creating a good website title
  • Creating a strong SEO friendly tagline
  • Creating strong SEO friendly blog post category names
  • Creating strong SEO friendly blog post titles

Module 3 Lesson 2: Inbound Marketing Primary Success Factors

This lesson goes into some detail about the primary success factors of Inbound Marketing, which are. The activities dictated by this success factors will occupy 90% of your Inbound Marketing efforts.

  • Quantity of published content
  • Quality of published content
  • Consistency of your publishing efforts
  • Longevity of your publishing efforts

Module 3 Lesson 3: The 2 Important Types of Blog Posts

This lesson describes the 2 important types of blog posts:

  • Snippet posts: Short, directly, frequent, answer one question, make one point.
  • Pillar posts: Longer, provide overview perspective, analysis and insight
  • How they help you build a strong internal link structure

Module 3 Lesson 4: Formatting a Perfect Post

This lesson describes in detail how to format a blog post for strong SEO.

Welcome to Inbound Marketing University

My name is Kevin Carney and I will be taking you through this course.

The course is self paced, but I strongly recommend you start right away with the lessons in module 1 to get an overview of Inbound Marketing, the structure of this course, and my recommendations on you best make use of this course.

To your success,