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Hi, I’m Kevin with Inbound Marketing University.

This video explains why small business SEO packages have become almost universally ineffective.

These packages came into existence shortly after Internet search became a real thing and are based on the principal of… you can go into the back end of a relatively static website and make sure that the technical SEO attributes are done correctly for the website overall and for each individual web page.

These packages were priced in the range of $300 a month on up to $1,000 a month depending on the size of the website, and once upon a time was an effective strategy for ranking your website.

In the meantime the Internet has gotten much more crowded, and Google has continuously updated their algorithm.

Today what it takes to rank is to publish content to your website.

You have to publish good content and you have to publish a fair amount of content.

You don’t get that content generation and publishing service for $1,000 a month or less.

And that’s why small business SEO packages are no longer effective.

However, if your small business can not afford the $2,500 plus per month it takes to hire a quality agency to do this for you, you can learn to do it yourself as many other small business owners have.

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