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The 2 Most Important Things to Help You Spend Money On Effective Marketing

1. The Buyers Journey

When we buy something, we through a decision process.

I’ve called the The Buyers Decision Process, but recently learned a term (from Hubspot no less) I like better…. The Buyers Journey.

The concept here is we (all) go through a decision process when we buy stuff. For inexpensive products and services the decision process can contain very few steps and occur quickly.

An example of that is:

  • It’s lunch time
  • I’m hungry
  • That place looks good
  • Let’s go there

For expensive products and services the process may contain many steps and take several weeks or months. Let’s say you’re interested in installing solar panels on your home.

You may want to know:

  • How does solar power actually work?
  • What are the economics of it?
    • What is the upfront cash outlay?
    • What are my expected monthly savings?
    • How long until I recoup my initial investment?
  • How will my house look with solar panels?
  • What companies install solar panels in my area?
  • How do they compare?
  • What are their reputations for ongoing support?
  • Etc, etc

This is an important concept because if you ask someone to take too big a step in their buying journey, they won’t.

In the lunch example, suggesting you go to lunch shortly after breakfast probably won’t result in going to lunch. Going to Step 9 (not being hungry) to picking a restaurant is too big of a step.

In the solar panel example, it highly unlikely anyone will buy solar panels after hearing about them and looking at one system. It’s too big a purchase for so short a process.

2. Your Sales Funnel

When you flip The Buyers Journey upside down (or inside out), it becomes your Sales Funnel.

Remember that the Buyers Journey and your Sales Funnel are the same thing viewed from different perspectives.

How You Use This

Since you know people make decisions in steps, your job as a marketeer is to walk them through their Buyers Journey (your Sales Funnel) one step at a time.

The best tools are:

  1. Your website
  2. Email
  3. Social media where the updates are indexed by Google
  4. Social media where they aren’t.

In that order.

You then create content for the various steps in the sales funnel and publish it to your website.

You collect email addresses by creating a capture form (or two or twelve) on your website and offer something in exchange for names and email addresses. You might offer a short video that provides answers, you might provide an eBook. Make sure it’s something that fits into your prospects buyers journey so it they want it enough to give you their name and email address in exchange for it.

The importance of item 3 can not be overstated, but it’s beyond the scope of this post.

Another post (with a short video) titled…. “What is the the important thing most people do not get about Google” explains this idea very well. To view that video click the link in the prior sentence.

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