Measuring email marketing success for small businesses

How to measure your email marketing success. Small business marketing

With so many business competing for the limited consumers available, a small business that uses email marketing to send out high-quality and relevant content that consumers desire, (what you SHOULD be doing) keeps their customers and prospects aware of who they are and what they offer.

Email marketing is a cost-effective strategy for small businesses, but carrying out and taking care a good campaign needs clear goals.

Email marketing can be done in three forms, check here The 3 Forms of Email Marketing: Newsletter, Drip Campaigns, and Marketing Automation.

A very terse summary is:

  • The newsletters
  • The auto-responder
  • Marketing automation

Measuring email marketing success for small businesses involves the following steps

  • Register for a trustworthy email marketing campaign service (MailChimp for example). This will help you manage your list, send out emails, track open and share rates, etc.
  • Capture email addresses via landing pages where you offer something of value in exchange for the name and email address.
  • Measure how many email receivers open your small business emails and go through your marketing content that you have provided.
  • Monitor the bounce back rate for your email campaign. This is the measure of how many mails failed due to for example incorrect address, or email customer blocking software.
  • Measure the number of audience who are  interested with your marketing content sufficiently to a point that they click on a link added in the email content.
  • Over time see what topics generate the greatest interest.
  • Calculate your return on investment. This can be possible by calculating the total revenue received products purchased through email marketing.

For you to receive results of your email marketing, be consistent and persistent. It would be incredibly rare to reap enormous benefits from just a few email messages.

Note that an email strategy with a high click rate but a small number of website conversions may indicates the content on your website does not have strong appeal.

If you see this take it as feedback, not failure. Adjust as necessary and move on.

Learn more on email marketing here…

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    Looking Good, but there is lot more about how to measure email Marketing Success.

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      True, but one blog post can only contain so much information.

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