How to make your customers feel loved with your follow up emails

How to make your customers feel comfortable with your contacts

For your sales and marketing people to be successful, they must focus on building a strong and trusting relationship with your buyers.

Your prospects will consider closing a deal with you if once they trust you that you have their best interest in mind AND have a solution that meets their needs.

It is important that you have created great content for your customers as this builds trust with them but its important to realize that content includes your sales emails.

How do you write sales email?

Many people go wrong when trying to close a sale by sending constant follow up emails with the same message.

The following are a few techniques for writing follow-up messages that aren’t boring.

Sell to the next step

A sales process rarely goes from “Hi, we’re ACME company” to an immediate sale. Buyers go through a process (called the Buyers Journey) where they become aware of your product or service, learn more about it, determine that it applies to them, determine that it helps them, etc, etc.

Your sales emails need to focus on selling to the next step. Jumping to “Buy Now” too quickly backfires. You become just another nuance who needs to be tuned out.

Be friendly

When engaging with your customers, be careful with your phrasing.

Avoid phrases that will earn you a bad reputation.

Therefore try to structure your emails in a positive way that leaves your customers thinking you’re kind and you care. The best way of doing this to genuinely be kind and to truly care.

Avoid Cookie-Cutter Messaging

Follow up emails should based on being personal and adding genuine value to your customers.

Sending customers boring and cold follow up emails gets them move you to spam folder. Especially when they’re long or contain lengthy attachments.

I once dismissed a sales person (and their company) who may have actually had a good solution for me because when I instructed the sales person to send me a short summary of their solution, she sent me a 27 page PDF instead. I didn’t read it and marked all subsequent email from them as SPAM. When she called to follow up I told her I simply didn’t have time to put that much effort into researching their solution as I wasn’t sure it fit my needs.

Craft each message in a unique way to get the attention of your customers, and send them what they asked for and need to move to the next step, and nothing more.

Tip: Do research on each person you connect with and learn how you can help them personally.

With email follow up and email marketing its all about building a strong relationship

Be in a constant communication with your customers, treat them as your friends with honesty and kindness to build a strong relationship with your business.

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