How can small businesses get started with content marketing

How to get set for an effective business blog for your site

Many businesses miss out the value of effective blogging.

With content marketing, the more people you get to read your blog, the more opportunity you create to fill your sales funnel at the top.

One of the best advantages of blogging is to build search engine optimization value of your small business.

So how do you go about effective blogging in your small business?

Implement a publishing schedule

People like consistency.

Give your target audience the ability to know when to expect the new content and therefore, develop a consistent content schedule. Keep it constant.

Generate enough content.

Publish articles about the current topics to bring more traffic to your business website. But remember only to publish more content if necessary.

If you don’t publish enough content then you will not be able to reach your target.

Social Share Buttons

Social share button will help your blog readers to share that great article you published on your website.

Remember that the success of your content depends on how many people actually read it.  Promote it.

Clear Call to Action on each article

The main purpose of a call to action button on your article is for conversions. Always provide your audience a clear direction with a call to action button.

Optimize your blog for Mobile

With the rapid increase in internet browsing on mobile devices, optimize your content for smartphone and tablets.  It’s critical.

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